Paloma Tea Company


298 kr

Grown at exceptional tea conditions in the foothills of Nepal, specially plucked from selected high altitude areas (1,800m).The first harvest period of the year is termed in the region as first flush, and this extends over a longer period. Elevated heights and early harvests are the most desirable given the weather has been beneficial. This tea is easily oxidized but follows almost the manufacturing process for black tea. The process highlights the early spring spring feeling of aroma and taste, characterized by a light floral prepared with light tones of mango and peach.

Taste strength: Medium
Ingredients: Nepalese white tea

How to make: Boil up fresh cold water
Teacup: 300ml
Use 2 Teaspoons / 3 grams of tea
Steep for 4–5 min Good for 2 brews

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