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There is something very special about Gyokuro (玉露 in Japanese), sort of jewel and dewdrop. To this partcicular category, undoubtedly it belongs to one of the main characters within the Japanese tea culture. There are several reasons for the extraordinary flavor and its extreme color. Special tea bushes intended for the production of Gyokuro are covered with rooftops aproximately 3 weeks before harvest. With this cover the bushes are exposed to an extremely low amount of sunlight. Only the most delicious leaves are picked up on the bushes, whereupon the harvest is significantly less than tea in general. A tangible sweetness, shades of spinach and umami and some tendencies of stubbornness. Our Gyokuro comes from a small, organic family garden on the island of Kyushu

Taste strength: Strong
Ingredients: Organic Japanese Gyokuro

How to make: Boil up fresh cold water Teacup: 300ml 60°C Use 3-4 grams tea Steep for 1-3 min Good for 3 brews

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