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169 kr

A green tea with a genuine and very sweet jasmine scent. The leaves are harvested by hand during the early spring and the fine picking contains a large proportion of the silvery and feathery buds. With great craftsmanship, the tea leaves are rolled into small pearls by hand with a stocking-like glove on the hand. The dried tea pearls are piled with jasmine flowers buds and fully absorb their fragrance. This is done by lefng the pearls rests with fresh jasmine flowers, and then often repeating this process an additional 5-7 times with new batches of fresh jasmine flowers.

Taste strength: Medium
Ingredients: Dragon Pearls, scented with fresh natural Jasmine flowers several times.

How to make: Boil up fresh cold water
Teacup: 300ml
Use 2 Teaspoons / 3 grams of tea
Just leave in cup, add tea for your own flavour

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