Paloma Tea Company

Yunnan Holiday Pearls

50 kr

This truly delightful holiday tea has a strong, malty flavor, with cinnamon, chocolate and caramel notes leading to a coating, buttery aftertaste. Artisanally rolled to ensure that delicate flavours reach your cup. This tea has been grown and rolled using traditional methods.

Taste strength: Sweet gentle taste of malt and chocolate
Ingredients: Black tea. This tea is made from large, beautiful whole leaves which are tightly wrapped into classic tea balls in order to retain the delecate flavours.

How to make: Boil up fresh cold water.
Teacup: 300ml
Use 2 pearls per cup/small teapo
Steep for 3 – 4 min

The Yunnan Holiday Pearls are sold 5 Pearls / Pack

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