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Silver needle dragon king jasmine

396 kr

A superb speciality that any tea lover should try with hesitation. This Mo li Yin When is composed purely of top grade young tea buds. Our Silver Needle are scented naturally with fresh jasmine flowers 7 times ensuring the aroma persists after many infusions.The jasmine used to scent this Silver needle tea is produced in hengxian, guangxi Province, China, which is the most well known jasmine producing location. In the beautiful mountains of China’s Fujian Province, the perfect, downy buds are picked from Fuding DaBaiHao tea tree, the picking period lasts only ten days whilst the buds are at their most succulent.

Taste strength: Mild
Ingredients: White tea Silver Needle Scented with fresh natural jasmine flowers (Mo Li Yin Zhen, Jasmine Silver Needle)

How to make: Boil up fresh cold water
Teacup: 300ml
Use 2 Teaspoons / 3 grams of tea
Just leave in cup, add tea for your own flavour

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